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EuroWell CEO Explores Thriving in a Digital World: A BFMTV Focus PME Interview

EuroWell’s CEO, Alec Briem, takes the stage in an insightful interview on BFMTV’s Focus PME, diving into the strategies employed by EuroWell to flourish in an increasingly digital landscape while selling traditional products. In an dialogue with Vincent Touraine, Alec Briem unveils how EuroWell embraces digitalization as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

He emphasizes that digitalization has not replaced EuroWell’s physical products but has instead enhanced them, allowing the company to evolve and meet the changing needs of its customers. EuroWell remains dedicated to preserving its traditional values while embracing the opportunities presented by digitalization, ensuring its enduring presence in the market for years to come.

EuroWell is a Swedish company which delivers products for in-store display and sales promotion throughout Europe.

Offices in Stockholm & Paris, POS experts boosting grocery sales.

Unique printing network, safe delivery, customer-focused.

19,000 projects in 35 countries since 1999, valued returning clients.

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